Month: October 2022

Applications open for IQTN’s 2nd Plenary Meeting

Applications are now open for the second plenary meeting of the International Quantum Tensor Network, which will be hosted by the Flatiron Institute’s Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ) in New York City. This is a joint meeting with the Max Planck-New York Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena. The program will feature sessions on a…
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New EPSRC initiatives for international engagement

The EPSRC has recently announced a number new initiatives in its programme of international engagement, specifically for those in the UK, Norway and Japan. This are as follows: Visit the UKRI website for further details.

IQTN at UCLQ Industry Day

On Friday 30 September, Professor Andrew G Green joined speakers at UCLQ Industry Day at IET Savoy Place to present his work on Tensor Networks for Quantum Computation. UCLQ Industry Day is an annual event that brings together industry and academics to discuss perspectives on the future potential of quantum, and how to develop technologies…
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