Network Activities

The prominence of the UK in the tensor network approach to quantum software has been considerably enhanced by its funding of the International Quantum Tensor Network [EP/Wo26872/1]. This Network has brought together an international community of researchers across 22 countries (on 6 continents) thus far, including 73 universities and 18 quantum companies, including IBM, Google, Quantinuum (in the US and UK), Orca Computing, Microsoft and Phasecraft. 

The Network has so far held 3 plenary meetings, at UCL (London) in June 2022, at the Center for Computational Quantum Physics (New York City) in March 2023, and at TUM Raitenhaslach (Germany) in July 2023. IQTN have also initiated and provided financial support to 7 international workshops so far. Members of the IQTN community organised workshops in Dundee in January, in Cambridge in April, in Edinburgh in June, in New York City and in Boulder, Colorado in August, the ETN Summer School in Abingdon in September and in Delft in October 2023. 

IQTN has one further workshop planned in Abingdon in December and one further plenary meeting  at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) in January 2024.  

 Our activities are valued by our international partners, shown by the significant financial contributions we have received from collaborating parties including approximately $170,000 from the Flatiron Institute, €32,000 from Technical University of Munich, and $3000 respectively from IBM, Google and Quantinuum. 

Workshop organisers become Network Partners and network activities provide opportunities for new collaborations to emerge. There are 2 known grant applications coming out of IQTN activities, with others likely to follow. We also expect to see future publications crediting IQTN.