3rd Plenary Meeting – 26-28 July 2023, TUM Raitenhaslach

We are pleased to announce the third plenary meeting of the International Quantum Tensor Network, which will be hosted at the TUM Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach. This meeting will build upon our inaugural meeting at UCL and second plenary in New York City to identify further developments and opportunities for tensor networks in quantum software, and to broaden the network to include new ideas and people from the broader quantum computation community.

The program features sessions on a range of topics, including open quantum systems, Tensor Networks for gauge theories, and quantum simulation and algorithms.

IQTN offers some support towards attendees’ travel expenses, with priority given to those travelling via train (where possible within Europe). Accommodation is also provided to all attendees for the nights of Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July.*

Speakers: Monika Aidelsburger (LMU), Mari-Carmen Banuls (MPQ), Sebastian Blatt (LMU/MPQ/planqc), Eli Chertkov (Quantinuum), Stephen Clark (Bristol), Toby Cubitt (UCL), Zohreh Davoudi (University of Maryland), Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell), Barbara Kraus (Innsbruck), Brendon Lovett (St. Andrews), Simone Montangero (Padova), Zlatko Papic (Leeds), David Perez Garcia (UCM), Hannes Pichler (IQOQI/Innsbruck, Dario Tamascelli (University of Milan) Simone Warzel (TUM), Erez Zohar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

*except for UK-based PhD students who, by the rules of the EPSRC, must make alternative funding arrangements. However, there may be independent support available for some UK-based students who normally cannot be funded under the rules of the grant.