Numerical Methods for many-body open quantum systems

Dates: 9-10 January 2023
Venue: Malmaison Hotel, Dundee
Register for this meeting now until 23.59 on Sunday 4 December 2022

This workshop will focus on numerical methods (in particular tensornetwork methods) applied to modelling open quantum systems involving extended (many-body) quantum systems. Such problems arise in a growing number of fields, ranging from cold atoms, superconducting qubits, microcavity polaritons, defects in crystals andquantum dots. A key question in this field is how to extend the concepts of many-body physics—collective effects, critical phenomena and phase transitions—with driving, dissipation, and other effects that arise in open quantum systems.

Workshop Organisers:
Jonathan Keeling, St Andrews
Peter Kirton, Strathclyde
Brendon Lovett, St Andrews

Confirmed Speakers: Adrian Kantian (Heriot-Watt), Francois Damanet (Liege) Gerald Fux (ICTP), Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll (CSIC), Juan P. Garrahan (Nottingham), Vincenzo Savona (EPFL), Naeimeh Mohseni (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität), Orazio Scarlatella (Oxford), Filippo Vincentini (EPFL), Peter Rabl (TU Vienna), Marzena Szymanska (UCL).

Please note there is a cap on total number of participants for this meeting. In the event that this meeting is oversubscribed, the workshop organisers will select participants based on the relevance of their research interests to the topic of the meeting. We will be in touch to confirm the outcome as soon as possible after the registration deadline.