Numerical Methods for many-body open quantum systems: workshop assets

We are delighted to publish the following recordings of workshop presentations. Recordings are shared where we have obtained speaker consent. Please contact if you have any questions relating to the workshop.

Tensor network methods for open system with applications: Martin Plenio

Process Tensor Networks for non-Markovian Many-Body Open Quantum Systems: Gerald Fux

Deep learning of quantum many body dynamics: Naeimeh Mohseni

Entanglement transitions in monitored Fermionic systems: Davide Rossini

Fully Quantum Scalable Approaches to Driven-Dissipative Lattice Models: Marzena Szymanska

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices: Corinna Kollath

Designing 2D and 3D microscopic models of high-Tc and dynamically induced superconductivity
using quasi-one-dimensional arrays: Adrian Kantian

Stochastic simulations of dissipative spin systems: Peter Rabl

Dynamical mean field theory for Markovian open quantum systems: Orazio Scarlatella

Simulating a quantum simulator: Ramasubramanian Chitra

Modified dipole-dipole interactions in the presence of a nanophotonic waveguide: Bea Olmos