Inaugural Meeting: 27-29 June 2022, University College London

We are pleased to announce the first plenary meeting of the International Quantum Tensor Network will be held at University College London, from Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 June. Our first meeting will introduce the network and its aim to foster tensor network ideas in quantum software. The program will focus upon recent progress in using tensor network approaches to run quantum simulations on current devices, to spoof and simulate the performance of current devices, and related ideas in quantum machine learning.

We offer accommodation for Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 and support for travel to those who require it.*

Confirmed speakers:

Mari Carmen Banuls (MPI-Quantenoptik), Soonwon Choi (MIT), Christopher Eichler(ETH Zurich), Jens Eisert (Free University of Berlin), Michael Foss-Feig (Quantinuum), Johnnie Gray (Caltech), Sonika Johri (IBM), Roman Orus (Multiverse Computing/DIPC), Adam Smith (University of Nottingham), Miles Stoudenmire (CCQ Flatiron Institute), Pan Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Christa Zoufal (IBM)

*except for UK-based PhD students who, by the rules of the EPSRC, must make alternative funding arrangements.