Tensor Networks have the potential to make the best use of limited quantum resources in near-term quantum computers and unlock the route to their practical application. The International Quantum Tensor Network aims to forge the international collaborations required to make this happen. The initial membership comprises Investigators from the UK and International Project Partners – both academic and industrial. Organic growth of the network will be fostered through open calls to organise focussed workshops and research visits between network members.

The network was funded by the UK EPSRC and its current membership is as follows:

Network Organisers:

Andrew Green, Andrew Daley, Brendon Lovett, Dieter Jaksch, Zlatko Papic

Network Partners:

Mari-Carmen Banuls, Bela Bauer, Natalia Chepiga, Soonwon Choi, Michael Foss-Feig, Corinna Kollath, Frank Pollmann, Andrew C Potter, Norbert Schuch, Frank Verstraete, Guifré Vidal, Jonathan Keeling, Peter Kirton, Miles Stoudenmire, Austen Lamacraft, Bruno Bertini, Juanpe Garrahan, Adam Smith, Maksym Serbyn, Gunnar Moeller, Didier Poilblanc

Please direct any questions about the network to: