Simulating many-body systems: Recent results and near-term opportunities in quantum hardware

View over Boulder Colorado from Beaver Peak mountain.

Dates: 14-15 August 2023
Venue: University of Boulder, Colorado

This workshop aims to gather researchers from academic and industrial settings to discuss recent results on quantum hardware relevant to the IQTN mission, including implementations of quantum tensor networks, non-equilibrium and/or dissipative dynamics, and other recent developments in the experimental simulation of many-body systems on quantum computers. This workshop aims to:

(i) help academic researchers become better aware of hardware capabilities and limitations to better guide their research 
(ii) foster collaborations between academic groups and industry 
(iii) support industry groups to better understand areas in which quantum computers can impact the research community

Workshop Organiser
Michael Foss-Feig, Quantinuum

Working programme:

Please note this is a closed meeting. Reporting on its happenings will be published in due course.