Tensor networks for quantum many-body dynamics: from ergodicity breaking to dynamical phases of matter

Edinburgh university background with workshop details advertised

Dates: 26-28 June 2023
Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland

Quantum many-body dynamics is an active research area that seeks to understand the fundamental process of thermalization in many-particle systems and the conditions under which this process breaks down, allowing for novel dynamical phases of matter to emerge in a nonequilibrium setting. This workshop will bring together experts on tensor networks to discuss novel analytical approaches for understanding quantum dynamics as well as state-of-the-art numerical simulations for many-body systems far from equilibrium. Some of the themes featured in the workshop will include:

(i) ergodicity breaking due to disorder, quantum scars, measurement-induced phases and phase transitions;
(ii) dynamical phases of matter, such as time crystals;
(iii) quantum-classical correspondence for many-body dynamics inspired by tensor networks;
(iv) applications of quantum technologies for probing transport and nonequilibrium response of many-body systems.

Leveraging the strong existing UK expertise in this field, this focused workshop will inspire further activity and initiate new collaborations between theory, experiment and industry in the area of quantum simulation of nonequilibrium many-body phenomena. 

Workshop Organisers:
Zlatko Papic, Leeds
Maksym Serbyn, IST Austria

Confirmed Speakers: Ehud Altman (UC Berkeley), Andrew Daley (Strathclyde), Henrik Dreyer (Quantinuum), Paul Fendley (Oxford), Andrew Green (UCL), John Goold (Trinity College Dublin), Andrew Hallam (Leeds), Helena Knowles (Cambridge), Achilleas Lazarides (Loughborough), Marko Ljubotina (IST Austria) Tom O’Brien (Google), Silvia Pappalardi (ENS Paris), Nicolas Regnault (Princeton), Ulrich Schneider (Cambridge), Romain Vasseur (UMass Amherst)

Please note this is a closed meeting. Please contact iqtn@ucl.ac.uk with questions.