IQTN at UCLQ Industry Day

On Friday 30 September, Professor Andrew G Green joined speakers at UCLQ Industry Day at IET Savoy Place to present his work on Tensor Networks for Quantum Computation. UCLQ Industry Day is an annual event that brings together industry and academics to discuss perspectives on the future potential of quantum, and how to develop technologies with far-reaching impact. It is always a great opportunity for industry to engage with cutting-edge UCL research in quantum technologies.

He began by giving a flavour of the tensor network approach to quantum computation and tensor network capabilities. More recently, their application has moved away from pure simulation; in 2017, Miles Stoudenmire (an IQTN network partner) used tensor networks for Machine Learning tasks. Tensor network ideas have been applied across a broad range of computational tasks, and a growing community of researchers have translated these ideas to quantum computers.

Andrew then moved to introduce the International Quantum Tensor Network (IQTN). Andrew encouraged the audience to engage with the network’s mission to promote the uptake of tensor network ideas in writing quantum software. The resulting code can have advantages when run on classical hardware and is ready for deployment with quantum advantage when the hardware has matured.

The Network’s vision is that international collaboration between academic and industrial minds is required to make best use of limited quantum resources in near-term quantum computers, and unlock the route to their practical application.

Find out more about UCLQ on their website here.