Registration Open: Chiral Tensor Network Workshop, 12- 14 December 2023, Abingdon (Oxford)

We are pleased to open registration for a few extra places at this Workshop on Tensor Networks for Chiral Topological Phases supported by the International Quantum Tensor Network from 12-14 December 2023 at The Cosener’s House in Abingdon (near Oxford).

There is a £100 registration fee for successful applicants to this meeting; please note that the fee does not cover accommodation (reservations need to be made and paid for individually at the workshop venue, The Cosener’s House in Abingdon), but does include catering and dinners throughout the event.

This Workshop is organised by Gunnar Möller (University of Kent), Didier Poilblanc (CNRS / LPT Toulouse), Frank Verstraete (DAMTP – University of Cambridge / University of Ghent) and Norbert Schuch (University of Vienna).

The event will bring together 20 invited participants from across 10 countries and is open to researchers from the International Quantum Tensor Network (IQTN). Confirmed Speakers include:

Thorsten Wahl (Cambridge); Carolin Wille (Oxford); Laurens Vanderstraeten (Brussels); Mark Arildsen (SISSA); Nicolas Regnault (Paris / Princeton); Juraj Hasic (Amsterdam); Anne Nielsen (Aahus); German Sierra (Madrid); Mathieu Mambrini (Toulouse)